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MTS File Extension Details and Tips

What is MTS


MTS, a file extension for an AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) video clip format, is designed for high-definition video, based on the MPEG-4 codec. The MTS file format supports 1080i (a high definition video format with 1080 horizontal scan lines, interlaced) and 720p (720 horizontal scan lines, progressive scan, rather than interlaced) in a relatively small file size. Now 1080p is also widely supported by the Sony, Panasonic, Canon, etc camcorders.

There are other variations and file extensions of MTS and these are M2TS and TS. Generally speaking, all of them are media containers that can hold audio, video, and data information. They support the H.262, H.264, and the SMPTE VC-1 video compressions. As for the audio format, they utilize Dolby Digital, DTS, or the Linear PCM.

How to play MTS files

When you got some MTS clips, you will first consider how to play MTS files on your Windows or Mac. Here is the way.

Copying the data from the camera (perhaps via a cable or by removing the memory card and copying the clips to your PC) is the easy part. If you don't have a suitable player for viewing MTS clips, then you'll be unable to appreciate exactly what you've recorded. Fortunately, there are some applications for viewing MTS videos.

The popular VLC Player is one such application, allowing you to load and playback high definition videos saved as MTS format. Another popular media player application, The KMPlayer, will also handle MTS files, delivering the crisp detail that you expect from a HD recording. Some MTS files will playback in Windows Media Player 11.

1. Because there are slight differences between the methods used by various cameras for encoding in this format, it isn't a dead cert that your footage will play back, however. Using a codec pack may help - but we can't make sure it goes smoothly all the time.
2. The ONLY program that will allow you to play a raw MTS file on a Mac is VLC. There is not a Mac version of KMPlayer yet.

Why you need to convert MTS

Although most video editing programs including Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid MC, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas Pro, etc claimed to supports MTS, many incompatible issues still occurred from time to time. That’s because the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 MTS are heavily compressed, which is not ideal for playing and editing.

What can be used to convert MTS

To be able to fully use the MTS file output of your camcorder, it is best that you download a conversion software that can transform MTS files to MOV, or MP4, WMV, MPEG, AVI... so you can easily play them and edit them as you wish. There are a lot of simple to use programs can read and change MTS files to other formats. And Brorsoft MTS Converter for Mac (Read the review of best MTS Converter for Mac) is the best solution.

It's an all-in-one converter for fast transcoding, deinterlacing AVCHD MTS footage from Canon, Panasonic, JVC, Sony full HD camcorder/cameras on Mac OS X(Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks) that makes the MTS playing, editing work much easier. If you are on Windows, please turn to Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter to resolve all the MTS incompatibles issues on Windows(8).

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