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AVI File Extension Details and Tips


What is AVI


AVI is a file format but unlike most of them, this one actually works as a container. While some types of formats can only hold a certain amount and type of information, AVI files can keep audio and video and they allow a synchrony between them. AVI files do not require to be compressed to be created; they are the first step when creating a playable DVD. AVI files have been proved to be easy to use and create, yet they also lack of the highest quality and very often turn our files into a nightmare by turning them into extremely large files. Although they do come in handy sometimes, there are better solutions when it comes to saving video files. Although AVI files are quite popular and used on different platforms, it is more common for it to be played on Windows rather than other operating systems.

How to play AVI video files

There are no special techniques required when playing AVI video files on a Windows computer. Because Microsoft is the chief creator of AVI files, this format is considered native to all Windows machines. However, the same can’t be said for Macintosh computers and other operating systems. In order to play AVI files on those computers, a compatible media player or a certain codec has to be downloaded.

- Install AVI codec to play AVI files

However, there are many instances that even the Windows Media Player would have a hard time processing these files. There are times that the audio will play but the video won’t. If this is the kind of problem that you encounter when playing AVI files, then it could be an issue with the codecs. In many cases, upgrading to the latest Windows Media Player would solve the problem. But if it still doesn’t, try to download both the XviD and the DivX codecs so that the AVI will be played correctly. To play AVI with Windows Media Player, simply open the program and browse to the file on your computer.

- Play AVI videos with AVI player

For Macintosh computers and other platforms, the most recommended way of playing AVI files is by downloading third-party players like the KMPlayer, VLC Player, and MPlayer. The VLC Player is compatible with Macintosh computers and can be downloaded for free. To play AVI files using this player, just open the program and click Open File under the Media tab. Select the file you want to play and it should start immediately. When downloading the VLC Player, be sure that you are getting the latest version.

There is little setup required to play AVI files in your computer. However, not many users would like to go through any of these processes when other formats like the MP4 would play automatically.

Why Convert AVI files

As you see, AVI format is one of the oldest video formats. Since the day of it was developed there have appeared a lot of AVI codec's created by both vendors and individuals. So now there are hundreds of avi files that look similar but are completely different inside. That may cause trouble when playing or editing AVI files.

There are certain issues with the AVI files and this is especially prominent when it is being used with codecs like Xvid and DivX. This is because there is an unnecessary increase in the size of the file. Then another point is the fact that the AVI container file cannot support the modern features like B-Frames which are generally associated with MPEG-4 files. At times, hacks are utilized for the MPEG-4 subtitles and so on. But there are many problems which do occur. Then again. The AVI files do not have pixel ratio aspect information. Thus what happens is when the file is played it seems as if the frames are being stretched or maybe squeezed on a horizontal basis. There are other formats like QuickTime, Matroska, Ogg and MP4 and these are much more adaptable than the AVI files.

What can be used to convert AVI

Due to the complex of the AVI container format, not all converting utilities in fact support all modifications of avi files. Not to get trapped, use Brorsoft AVI Converter. It converts almost all .avi files with ease keeping the best quality.

Using this best AVI converter, you can convert and edit AVI files and export videos in any other format including MKV, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPG, etc. You can also use it as an AVI player as well. Now you can convert your avi files and transfer them to iPod, iPhone, Nook HD, Galaxy Tab, etc portable devices; import to Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc editing programs; upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc sharing website... anywhere you want. For Mac users, please turn to AVI Converter for Mac, helping you encode/re-encode AVI on Mac OS X(Mountain Lion, Mavericks included).

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