MPG to QuickTime MOV- Convert and Open MPEG in QuickTime

Published on by Chris King

Have trouble opening MPG(MPEG) files in QuickTime- Follow the quick-start guide to learn how to prepare MPG videos for playing in QuickTime without quality loss.


There’s a problem that has troubled me for days: I have some MPG video files on my Mac hard drive. When I import these MPG files into QuickTime, nothing happens. After searching widely, I get some clues- even though QuickTime is said to support playing MPG videos on Mac, it actually lacks some components for smoothly play all kinds of MPG videos. Below is my test of two solutions some guys shared.

Solution 1: Try Perian

You can try installing Perian (free), to see if it has the codec matching the MPG file you are trying to open. It is free. It depends on what codec was used to encode the mpg file. MPG is just the wrapper. Perian can support most codecs for QuickTime.

Result: I have tried to use Perian as the component, but the QuickTime still can’t read and play my MPG(mpg-2) videos. Plus, as far as I know, Perian doesn't do any transcoding; it only allows playback.

Solution 2: Try the app Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac

Result: Successfully. I used the MPG to QuickTime converter to encode MPG to QuickTime playable .MOV files and then add to QuickTime, there is no longer any incompatible issue. QuickTime can open and play the convert MPG videos with the best quality.

Reviews of this MPG to QuickTime converter from Brorsoft:

This video app can help you change MPG(MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and even MPEG-4) into QuickTime .mov with least quality loss. You should then be able to import the new file into QuickTime player with smooth playback without any trouble. It will ensure a perfect MPG importing, playing workflow with QuickTime on Mac(Mavericks). If you want to convert MPG into QuickTime on Windows, please get Video Converter.

Now I share the step-by-step solution converting/playing MPG in QuickTime with those who are facing the same thing.

1. Launch the MPG converter for Mac. Drag & drop MPG files to the program directly and your files would be added instantaneously. Or you can head to the "Add" button to locate the MPEG files you want to add.

Tip: If you want to convert the video files at one time, you can apply the batch conversion by adding several files at a time.


2. Click format you choose MOV as target format. This video app offers the QuickTime Movie Format for you. Or, you can also choose "Common Video -> MOV - QuickTime (*.mov)" as the output format.


Tip: This MPG to MOV Mac Converter allows you adjust video codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channels by clicking the Settings icon.

3. Hit the "Convert" button to let this smart converter start the MPG to MOV conversion on Mac OS X. When the conversion is done, you can play output MOV video in QuickTime without hassle.

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