How to Make PS4 Pro Play 4K Videos from External Device

Published on by Chris King

Can PS4 Pro Play 4K videos in .mp4, .mkv, etc from external device? Read this article, we will give you a solid answer.

How to Make PS4 Pro Play 4K Videos from External Device
Have got a new PS4 Pro. So, my doubt is, the PS4 pro can play 4k videos in mp4, mkv etc ? Have anyone tested this yet? Digging around the net, we found that more than one PS4 Pro users are troubled in the issue. From some guys feedback, I know PS4 Pro can't play 4K videos now, which is a little annoying. Sony needs to update the Media Player app.

To play 4K MKV on PS4 Pro, you need downconvert 4K MKV to PS4 Pro recognized file type first. Fortunately, there is an easy way to help you get around the problem. You don't need to learn about the complicated codec and neither do you need to set various video or audio parameters. What you need is just a common video converter like Brorsoft Video Converter.

This program features high efficiency and seamless conversion. With it, you can fast encode/re-encode 4K MKV to PS4 Pro compatible format with original video quality, so you can quickly and easily enjoy your 4K MKV files on PS4 Pro with smooth playback. In addition, this PS4 Pro video converter provides video editing functions such as video cut, video joiner, join splitter, effects adjusting, subtitles inserting and more. For Mac users, you can turn to Video Converter for Mac. Just get the right version according to your computer's OS and follow the step-by-step guide below to convert 4K video files to PS4 smoothly.

Tutorial: Converting 4K Videos to PS4 Pro friendly format

Step 1: Load 4K files

Download the 4K video converter on your computer, install and run the program, add 4k files like in .mkv. You can choose to import videos or the entire folder by clicking the top left two icons.

Step 2: Select the output format

Click on the dropdown menu of "Format" and then move your pointer to "PSP/PS3". From the sub-list, you can choose "PS3 Video(720P) MPEG-4(*.mp4)", "PS3 Video(1080P) MPEG-4(*.mp4)" as the target format for your PS4.

Tip: If the default video/parameters can't meet your needs, just click Settings icon to adjust the video codec, bitrate, frame rate, audio sample rate, etc to get a decent video as you want. In principle, the larger input values, the better output quality, but the corresponding larger file size. 1920*1080 video size is recommended here.

Step 3: Start conversion

After all necessary settings, you can hit the "Convert" to start converting 4K MKV to MP4 with best video settings for PS4 Pro.

Once the conversion finished, click "Open" in main interface to quick locate the converted video. Then, you can stream the converted movies to PS4 Pro via DLNA or USB freely.

Additional Tips:

If you are one who are upgrading from a PS4 to PS4 Pro, you can learn a tutorial how to transfer data from old PS4 to PS4 Pro to make full use of them.

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