Tips streaming AVI to Roku via Plex

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Wanna know how to get AVI files to Roku via Plex? Read this article you can find out the bes way. 

Tips streaming AVI to Roku via Plex

I have around 330 movies and lots of TV shows and a very large portion of those are in AVI format. I was just using Plex to stream these AVI files to Roku. My question is can I directly play AVI on Roku via Plex or convert AVI to another format for Plex streaming(Refer to Plex Supported/Unuspported file format).

After doing tons of reading it looks like mp4 is the way to go. MP4s tend to be quite a lot smaller and a lot less intensive for devices to handle, because of the widespread support for the h264 codec. Also because of this almost all devices besides Roku 2/3/4 you will want to stream to in the future will direct play the files rather than transcode them, which is a big hit on your CPU.

The only downside whatsoever is that yes, it will take you a very long time to reencode the files to mp4s, like days long. It's a one time cost so you should weigh it up against your current, and future, Plex needs. If you have made up your mind to convert AVI for streaming to Roku through Plex, read on to learn step-by-step guide below.

How to Convert and Stream AVI files to Roku via Plex

To begin, free download Brorsoft Video Converter (or the Mac version.)

The software has a codec pack that enables conversion between different video and audio file formats, it can convert AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, MPG, etc to Roku supported file format such as H.264 .mp4 with the best quality.

1. Start video converter, drag and drop the AVI files to the software window to import.

2. After the files are added, click Format > Common Video and set output video format as mp4. The reason mp4 is the target format is that by packing the videos in mp4, the file size will be reasonable small and the video quality remains

Tip: There are also some optional tinkering you can take to make the videos look better on a HDTV screen, such as changing the aspect ratio or specifying the video resolution. Just click the Settings icon to do it.

3. Finally, hit the Convert button to start converting AVI to .mp4 for Roku playback.

After the conversion is completed, you can get the output MP4 videos which can be streamed to Roku 2/3/4 through Plex media server easily.

Note: Plex has guidelines set to how your files need to be named for TV and movies. Home movies section should catch stuff without having to rename.

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