Convert AAC MKV/MP4 to AC3 with 5.1 Channel

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Read this article to get some hints how to convert AAC MKV/MP4 to AC3 with 5.1 Channel for great enjoyment anywhere you want.

Convert AAC MKV/MP4 to AC3 with 5.1 Channel

My 80+ MKV, MP4 files are with AAC audio.  I need to change the AAC audio on my MP4 and MKV to AC3 with 5.1 channel. How can I make it? And which software is the right solution? Searching high and low, I got some clues for converting AAC MKV/MP4 to AC3 5.1. Share with you below.

Converting MKV/MP4 AAC to AC3 seems troublesome. You extract the audio from MKV/MP4 with an app, convert AAC to AC3 with another app, and add the new AC3 audio to the original files with a third one. In fact, it's much easier than you may think as long as you get help from Brorsoft Video Converter. With it, you can effortlessly encode MKV/MP4 AAC to AAC audio with 5.1 channel in a few mouse clicks. Besides, you can merge multiple MKV or MP4 video clips into one file, and cut off the unwanted black edges. What's more, the program can convert MKV, AVI, VOB, TiVo, MTS, MPG, FlV, etc. to versatile video formats for playback on portable media devices.

If you're using a Mac, you can get the equivalent Mac version entitled Brorsoft Video Converter Mac which can help you transcode MKV/MP4 AAC to AC3 5.1 audio on Mac OS X (El Capitan, Yosemite included). Just get it and follow the step-by-step guide to achieve your goal smoothly.

How to convert MKV/MP4 AAC to AC3 5.1

Step 1: Add source video files

Install the launch the video converter. Click the Add button to import MKV or MP4 AAC files into it for converting

Step 2: Set output profile and settings as audio in AC3 5.1

If you want to keep MP4 format as your original one, just choose MP4 as output format from Common Video. For original MKV files, you can select the output video format MKV HD Video (*.mkv) from HD Video in the drop-down list "Format".

And then you can click "Settings" to select video codec (h.264) and audio codec (AC3), audio channels (5.1).

Step 3: Encode MKV/MP4 AAC to AC3 5.1

Hit the Convert button to start converting MKV/MP4 AAC to AC3 with 5.1 channels. Quickly you will get your converted AC3 files with 5.1 channels and the audio/video synch correctly and perfectly. Enjoy.

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