AVI to Movie Maker- Convert AVI to Edit in Windows Movie Maker

Published on by Chris King

This article teaches you how to convert and import AVI to Windows Movie Maker for editing.

AVI to Movie Maker- Convert AVI to Edit in Windows Movie Maker

Though Windows Movie Maker claims it supports AVI natively, there are many issues when importing AVI to Windows Movie Maker for editing, like import with only audio played. That's because the codec in AVI file can't be recognized by Windows Movie Maker. Well, what codecs should we use? Where do we download an usable AVI codec for Windows Movie Maker? For these problems, many people feel very helpless. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix the issue. The easy and quick workaround is to convert AVI to Windows Movie Maker compatible file format like WMV.

Along with some help from third-party program, you can finish the task easily and fast. The best program I can recommended for encoding AVI to Windows Movie Maker is Brorsoft Video Converter. It can help you convert AVI to Windows Movie Maker fully-compatible video format. With it, we can edit AVI files in Windows Movie Maker at will. If you are facing problems when editing videos formatted in .avi, .mts, .mov etc. with Windows Movie Maker, chances are you already installed this great free utility. If not, download it it from here.

So, what does the workflow look like?

1) Install and launch the AVI to Windows Movie Maker Converter on your PC, and then click "Add" button to browse to AVI files or drag your source media to the program.

Tips 1 - Converter supports batch conversion so that you can add multiple files to convert at one time.
Tips 2 - Check "Merge into one" box to join multiple AVI files together if necessary.

2) Hit the Format box and select HD Video -->WMV HD(*.wmv) on the dropdown menu as output format. Besides, you can also choose Divx HD(*.avi) as output if you have not installed the .wmv codec.

Tip 3 - If the default settings do not fit you requirement, you can click "Settings" icon to and enter "Profile Settings" panel to adjust video size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channels.

3) Finally, click "Convert" icon and your files will converted into .WMV files ready to be imported into Windows Movie Maker.

You're done! Now you can easily import AVI video files into Windows Movie Maker for editing smoothly.

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Anne 03/11/2015 10:26

Hum... I can import my AVI videos into WMM for editing now after using Brorsoft converter. Great product!

Oliver 03/11/2015 01:47

According to your words, AVI is not the best format for Windows Movie Maker. After converting AVI to WMV, there are no more issues when import it to WMM. Thanks.

Jimmy 01/27/2015 02:46

I thought that my PC should have all AVI codecs installed. However, the fact is that I cannot import some of my AVI videos into WMM. The problem might lie on codec. But nowhere has codec found. Therefore, I used Brorsoft Video Converter to deal with my videos. Luckily, it is much helpful!

Gery 01/26/2015 11:39

I've struggled for days to get a proper codec to edit AVI in Windows Movie Maker, but I failed. What I've done to fix the issue is converting AVI to WMV as your suggestion via Brorsoft Video Converter. It works great. Thanks.