Ripping DVD to ProRes for Final Cut Pro 7/X

Published on by Chris King

Bringing DVD footage into Final Cut Pro 7/X is simple as longs as you convert DVD to Apple ProRes that natively supported by FCP. Besides, when rip DVD to ProRes make sure it's a size that ProRes and Final Cut are expecting.

Ripping DVD to ProRes for Final Cut Pro 7/X

I have some footage that only is available on a DVD previously produced by the client. I need to re-edit and add some new title screens and voice-over using Final Cut Pro X. I’ve used some apps including the free MPEG Streamclip, or commercial “**” and created a .MOV for FCP, but both looked softer than the original DVD quality. Got some tech support online, some guys mentioned DVDs aren't terribly high quality to begin with.(5-8Mbps). It can also matter what codec we rip the DVD into when making a MOV. If going to FCP, it would be better use ProRes. Plus, a DVD ripping tool will also decide the output video quality. Tried to convert DVD to ProRes for Final Cut Pro using Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Mac(more than one guys recommend), it gave me the best result.

According to Apple, ProRes encoded MOV videos are highly compatible with Apple software. That means you can rip DVD to ProRes MOV so that you can import DVD to Final Cut Pro for editing without any hassles. The above mentioned DVD ripping software from Brorsoft is recommended as an ideal DVD to ProRes Converter to rip and convert DVD video to ProRes 422, ProRes 4444 with fast conversion speed and high output video quality. In addition to ProRes, it can also convert DVD and other regular video formats to MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, VOB and more. Just download this Mac DVD converting software and follow the tips to rip and format DVD to ProRes files on Mac (Mavericks, Yosemite).

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

Ripping DVDs to ProRes for Final Cut Pro

1. Load your DVD movies

Insert the DVD disc into your DVD drive and drag the disc icon from the desktop to the program to load the DVD files. Alternatively, you can click File > Load DVD to locate and add the DVD movies you want to convert.

2. Select output format

Clicking "Format" bar and choose Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov) as output format from the "Final Cut Pro" category. The output videos will work with FCP X flawlessly.

3. Start DVD to FCP ProRes conversion

After all the settings, click the Convert button to start converting DVD to Final Cut Pro X or FCP 7 supported video format. A few minutes later, you'll get the converted videos. Now launch Final Cut Pro and click File > Import > Files to import the converted videos to FCP for further editing.

Editor’s Note: ProRes is really great but it has some limitations you should know that can trip you up later. If you rip something to ProRes make sure it's a size that ProRes and Final Cut are expecting. If you didn’t set a proper size, you would see the error message:

To rip DVD to Final Cut Pro, a suggested video size for ProRes is 1280*720. You can use this top DVD to FCP converter to adjust the video size. 

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Parker 03/18/2015 08:50

The only way I found until now to import DVD to FCP is your solution. Although there are some similar tools on the market, the output video quality is in heavy loss. Brorsoft DVD ripper for Mac is the ideal choice.

flossi 03/18/2015 07:23

Wow, this is the best blog I found on dealing with DVDs for FCP! Helps me a lot :)

Edward 12/15/2014 11:56

DVD is supported by FCP I know, what I need to deal with DVD files in FCP is to convert the DVD format. According to your post, I ripped DVD to ProRes and then import the new file into FCP. Smooth importing and editing workflow. Thanks.